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StakeMoney games allow players to compete in daily fantasy sports, to bet on virtual sports, and more. The StakeMoney protocol can also be used to issue stocks on the blockchain, to conduct votes, and for a wide variety of other applications. In StakeMoney games, the currency inflates rapidly and players compete to win by staking their coins. Once the outcome for an event is determined, coins are created by inflation and given out to everyone who staked correctly.

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We're using StakeMoney for a wide range of applications:
  • Daily fantasy sports
  • Virtual sports betting
  • Financial betting games
  • Blockchain stocks
  • Shareholder voting
  • Buybacks & dividends
Stakes are the underlying currency of the StakeMoney platform. After buying stakes, you can buy into StakeMoney games by burning your stakes which will convert them to in-game currency. You can convert your in-game currency back to stakes at any time by selling out. To better understand StakeMoney, please sign up.

Coin Battles

In this game the top 9 cryptocurrencies go head to head every eight hours. Win battlecoins by betting on the currency with the greatest price gains against Bitcoin. Price data is pulled from Poloniex in real time.

Performance of top cryptocurrencies against Bitcoin - Poloniex Buy Trades

Performances Rankings
1. NEM

2. Monero

3. Bitcoin

4. Bitcoin Cash

5. Ripple

6. Dash

7. Ethereum

8. Litecoin

9. Ethereum Classic

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